A Critical Review of the Hadith,

Author : Abbas Jalali
Subject : The Companions of Prophet
Translator : Ahmad Rezwani
Editor : Mahdi Baqi

25 May 2010
Hadith Sciences 1


People of Sunna believe that companions of the Messenger of Allah are just and God and his Messenger have purified them. Thus if their acts contradict the Holy Quran and Sunnah, they should be justified. This hadith: “My companion is like stars, whomever you follow you are guided by them” is the most famous hadith referred to by them. In this paper, the author first deals with views presented by rijalis and famous scholars of Suunis regarding this hadith and then evaluate its reporters. He finally gives a description of characteristics of companions which this hadith refers to.

Key Words

Hadith Interpretation, Companions, Text Criticism, Document Criticism

Hadith Tags :   Hadith Interpretation,  Companions,  Text Criticism,  Document Criticism
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