Compilation of Hadith (2)

Author : Muhammad Ali Mahdawi Rad
Subject : Compilation of Hadith
Translator : Ahmad Rezwani
Editor : Mahdi Baqi

25 Oct 2011
Hadith Sciences 3


The article treats of the questions “Who were the precursors in the collection and transcription of hadith?” Following a presentation of diverse views regarding the beginning of hadith collection, the author proceeds to discuss the issues of transcription and culture, the Holy Qur´an, and sunna as well as their interrelations. The discussion is followed by the presentation of certain texts in which hadith collection is encouraged. In this vein, mention is made of Sahifa al-Nabi which constitutes the noble Prophet’s (SAW) dictations recorded by Imam ´Ali (AS). The author presents the Sahifa and runs a search for its Shi´a sources. Mention is also made of Imam ´Ali’s and Fatima’s (AS) books. Narrations prohibiting hadith collection, the reports concerning the last moments of the Holy Prophet (SAW) on death bed and diverse views on them, and finally a critique of the hadith prohibiting collection receive further treatment.

Key Words

hadith collection, prohibition of hadith collection, Sahifa al-Nabi, Ali’s (AS) book, Fatima’s (AS) book, hadith critique.

Hadith Tags :   hadith collection,  prohibition of hadith collection,  Sahifa al-Nabi,  Ali’s (AS) book,  Fatimas (AS) book,  hadith critique.
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