The Twelve Imams in the Sunni Sources

Author : Ghulam Husayn Zaynali
Subject : Fiqh ul-Hadith
Translator : Ahmad Rezwani
Editor : Mahdi Baqi

25 Oct 2011
Hadith Sciences 3


The Noble Prophet’s (SAW) succession is one of the significant discussions in Islamic history. Different views on it brought about different denominations among Muslims. The author attempts to survey Sunni sources to investigate the evidence concerning the Infallible Imams (AS) as the twelve successors of the Prophet (SAW) and the employment of such evidence to substantiate Shi´a arguments. The pivot of the discussion constitutes the Prophetic hadith in which the Prophet mentioned his successors and claimed them to be twelve in number. An exposition of such hadith in Sunni sources is followed by Sunni scholars´ perspective and the author’s response regarding their justifications the most significant of which is the Sunni perspective on succession. The author presents seven arguments to substantiate his statement to the effect that the aforesaid evidence from the Sunni sources bears no similarity to the contents of Prophetic hadith. The last section consists of an exposition of the merits of the Prophet’s Household as reflected in the Sunni sources.

Key Words

the Twelve Imams, the Sunni viewpoint, merits of the Prophet’s Household, Jabir’s hadith, hadith of the Two Heavy Things (Thaqalayn).

Hadith Tags :   The Twelve Imams,  the Sunni viewpoint,  merits of the Prophet’s Household,  Jabir’s hadith,  hadith of the Two Heavy Things (Thaqalayn).
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