The standard of acting upon Hadith

Author : Abd al-Karim Bi-Azar Shirazi
Subject : Acting upon Hadith
Translator : Ahmad Rezwani
Editor : Mahdi Baqi

09 Oct 2010
Hadith Sciences 2


This article discusses the characteristics by which hadith may serve as the basis employed by jurisprudents and traditionalists. Following a definition of hadith, sunna, the hadith transmitted by several transmitters (khabar mutawatir), and the hadith with a single transmitter (khabar wahid), the author proceeds to discuss Shi´a hadith transmitters and their employment of the hadiths transmitted bySunni transmitters. Finally, he concludes that the standard for acting upon hadith is not the transmitters’ belief in Shi´a or the Sunni schools, but their veracity.

Key Words

acting upon hadith, Shia transmitters, Sunni transmitters, the Shia viewpoint, the Sunni viewpoint, affinity among religions and denominations

Hadith Tags :   acting upon hadith,  Shia transmitters,  Sunni transmitters,  the Shia viewpoint,  the Sunni viewpoint,  affinity among religions and denominations
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