Hadith collection 1 (definitions)

Author : Muhammad Ali Mahdawi Rad
Subject : Hadith collection
Translator : Ahmad Rezwani
Editor : Mahdi Baqi

25 May 2010
Hadith Sciences 1


Following a presentation of definitions for hadith, its synonymous and cognate terms, its lexical and terminological senses, and regarding hadith as reporting the words, deeds, and tacit approvals of the infallible, the author proceeds to discuss the term khabar (“narration, report”), its lexical and terminological senses, its semantic relation to hadith as well as the meaning of athar (“deeds, precedents”) and sunna (“tradition, custom, model practice”). The article treats of sunna in cultures, in the historical perspective as well as the views held by scholars of the principles of jurisprudence (usuliyyun), jurists (fuqaha´), and traditionalists (muhaddithun).

Key Words

hadith, khabar, athar, sunna.

Hadith Tags :   hadith,  khabar,  athar,  sunna
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