The Ghadir event as the apex of the proclamation of Divine Guardianship (wilaya)

Author : Dar al-Hadith Research Center
Subject : The Ghadir
Translator : Ahmad Rezwani
Editor : Mahdi Baqi

09 Oct 2010
Hadith Sciences 2


The article constitutes the analytical prelude to the chapter on Imamate excerpted a book entitled Mawsu´a Imam ´Ali fi Kitab wa al-Sunna wa al-Tarikh (“The Comprehensive Work on Imam ´Ali in Books, Sunna, and History”) which is devoted to the issue of the Noble Prophet’s succession embodying references to Imam ´Ali (AS). The article opens with different arguments concerning the grounds which prevented the Holy Prophet from negligence as to the appointment of his successor. The work proceeds with an enumeration of the hadith in which mention is made of Imam ´Ali’s (AS) succession among which mention is made of the hadith well-known as hadith of Ghadir, an exposition of the event, and the authenticity and chains of transmission of the hadith in question.

Key Words

Ali’s (AS) Imamate, the Prophet’s (SAW) succession, Imam Ali’s (AS) merits, the hadith of Ghadir.

Hadith Tags :   Ali’s (AS) Imamate,  the Prophet’s (SAW) succession,  Imam Ali’s (AS) merits,  the hadith of Ghadir
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